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What Type Of Fence Is Right For You?

You might want to build a fence to keep your home safe, it could be to keep your pets in or the kids out of a pool. It might be for decoration or it could be for privacy. There are a whole host of reasons why you may be interested in a new fence for your home. How can you determine which type of fence is right for you, though? With so many options available, it’s easy to see why it might be a difficult choice. Don’t worry, we can help break it all down for you.

The Picket Fence

The picket fence is decorative and it can be used in both the front and backyard. Of course, in the front yard, it tends to be a shorter version – you know, the typical white picket fence that many people conjure up when they think of suburban American homes. The picket fence is more versatile than that, though. You can opt for a traditional picket fence, of course, but there are also contemporary designs and more decorative ones, too. So, you can use a picket fence for aesthetic reasons, as well as to obtain privacy and safety.

The Pool Fence

Okay, there is more than just one type of pool fence. However, if you are trying to keep the kids (or pets) out of your pool, then you need a fence to do it. There are options here – you can go with the typical black rot iron fence that most people choose. Or, you can choose frameless glass. This provides you the safety that you want and doesn’t affect the look of your backyard.

The Colorbond Fence

A colorbond fence is solid steel, it’s a perfect choice if you want privacy and security. While it comes in a variety of colors, it isn’t necessarily the most attractive option on offer. Though, you can color match the fence with your home or the features of your home. It is suitable for rear fences as well as for side fences. The best part is that it’s tough, so there is no need for ongoing maintenance once it has been installed.

The Paling Fence

A paling fence is timber, it’s like a picket fence, but safer and more secure. You can stain it or paint it so that it matches your yard or home.

The Lattice Fence

A lattice fence can help you define areas of the yard without blocking it off. This is typically used for climbing vines and plants. Think of lattice fences as green screens.

The Hardiefence

There’s no need for concrete, nor are there posts required. That makes the Hardiefence a great option for areas with sandy soil. The fence is created using corrugated sheets and metal capping. The sheets are set in a trench, capped, and the area is then back-filled. One it’s installed it can be painted to match your yard or home.

If you need assistance to determine which fence is best for you, get in touch with our team today.