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5 Benefits Of Chain Link Fencing

With so many fencing options available, it’s easy to overlook the classic chain link fence. Chain link fences off a wide variety of benefits, in addition to affordability and durability. Chain link fences often line church properties, barns, government buildings, backyards, penitentiaries, and construction sites. So, chain link fences are suitable for use in both residential, commercial, and private properties.

The Benefits

1. Security

One of the biggest reasons people install fencing is security. It doesn’t matter whether your property is commercial or residential, a chain link fence is an excellent security solution. Not only does it prevent trespassers from accessing your property, but it also ensures people can’t leave. As in, if you have pets or small children, you don’t need to worry about them getting loose when you have a chain link fence.

Parents deserve peace of mind when their kids are playing in the backyard. Kids deserve the enjoyment and opportunity to play without worry. Wrought iron can allow an escape route for small animals (or entry point). While vinyl may be out of your budget. That’s where chain link fences come into their own.

2. Affordability

Affordability is one of the greatest benefits of chain link fencing. Particularly when it’s compared to other fencing options. It uses less material than other fence types so it reduces the cost.

3. Easy Installation

Installation can be challenging. However, a chain link fence is much quicker and simpler to install than the likes of vinyl or wrought iron fencing. That drives costs down as there is less labor to tackle the installation process. If you already have a chain link fence that’s been in place for decades, then you’ll be glad to know replacing it with a new one is also a quick and simple process. Any necessary repairs are simple, too.

4. Low Maintenance

With wood fencing, there’s a need for regular maintenance. Much like decking, it needs to be washed and resealed. During periods of heavy snow or rain the wood may rot, and the paint will probably peel. A chain link fence is metal and to prevent rusting it gets a powder coating, which will keep the water out. That means very little maintenance is required. Also, chain link fencing is durable and you don’t need to worry about snow settling on it as you do with wood or vinyl.

5. Durability

If you want a fence that will last for many years to come, then a chain link fence is exactly what you have been looking for. It’s sturdy and can withstand harsh weather. Other fence styles, like wood, will degrade as time passes. Yet, a chain link fence, provided it has a powder coating or a layer of paint, will stand the test of time. It will be the same in ten years as the day it was installed. Which just adds to its affordability.


Yes, there are many fencing options. With each of them, you have pros and cons. Yet, the benefits of chain link fencing are vast. There are very few fencing styles that can serve both residential and commercial properties so admirably.