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What Type Of Fence Does Your Commercial Property Need?

When it comes to fencing your commercial property, there is a lot to consider. It’s not generally for decorative reasons, rather a bid to improve the security and safety of the property. Of course, you may want something that looks good, too, depending on the type of commercial property you operate. There’s also the budget to consider. So, what type of fence does your commercial property need? Let’s take a look at your options and how they can best serve your needs.

Fence Types

Aluminum – the reasons you may choose aluminum include the durability they offer, as well as the maintenance. As in, there is very little of it required. They offer the same aesthetic boost as wrought iron fences do, but for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, they can withstand nasty weather and you won’t need to worry about rusting.

Chain Link – you will see these frequently on construction sites. Chain link fences are strong, they last for a long time, and they can deal with harsher weather as well. It’s also possible to install slats to reduce the impact of noise, debris, wind, and dust.

Wood – wood fences will never go out of style. Wood offers security, protects your property from wind, and can also reduce outside noise. With a wooden fence, you also get the added benefit of privacy.

Concrete – with concrete you get all of the benefits. It provides you with serious privacy and security, as well as longevity. It can reduce the noise coming from your property or vice versa. They’re easy to maintain as well. Additionally, it’s possible to finish it with a coating that prevents graffiti.

Vinyl – vinyl is a durable fencing option, that stands strong while needing very little maintenance. They don’t rot like wood or rust like metal. It’s moisture resistant, and you can select from a variety of styles and colors as well. They’re popular for business offices as well as apartment complexes.

Wrought Iron – this is the style of fence you will frequently see at community or public pools. They strong, they’re durable, and they’re aesthetically pleasing.

Why You Need A Fence

Remember, there are all different reasons for needing commercial property fencing. If yours is security related, then you will want to ensure your fence is six feet tall, at least. This will serve to ensure people can’t easily jump or climb over it. You may also want to consider spiked tops. If your needs are security only, then you may not want a solid fence. This offers intruders a place to hide.

Privacy is key for a number of properties. It’s often something commercial properties use when there are residential communities nearby. It’s also popular for accountants, lawyers, and medical professionals looking to provide their clients with privacy.

Don’t forget appearance, though. If your property welcomes visitors or clients, then you may want to put a bit more focus on the appearance of your fence. There are fencing options that will tick the aesthetic box, as well as privacy and security.