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What Is A Privacy Fence?

A well-built privacy fence is a great way to increase security and keep the neighbors out of your business. What makes a privacy fence difference from other fences?

Privacy Fences

A privacy fence is very simply a fence. However, it’s one that you erect to provide you with a bit more privacy, hence the name. To qualify as a privacy fence it should be anywhere from four feet to six feet tall. It should also be solid. If it isn’t, it’s hardly going to provide you with the privacy that you were looking for, is it? So, that means there shouldn’t be holes in the fence like you get in chain-link fences. There also shouldn’t be slats to see through. Of course, some privacy fences feature a bit of latticework at the top to enhance their aesthetic.

Why would you want a privacy fence when you can just build a traditional fence? There are plenty of reasons you may want a privacy fence. Typically, homeowners who have swimming pools or spend a lot of time in their backyard want a privacy fence. You can love your neighbor without inviting them into your daily life.


In addition to privacy, a privacy fence offers a bit more security. You know that your kids and pets can spend time in the backyard and enjoy themselves. You can rest easy knowing that no one can see or get in, and your loved ones are safe.

The Materials

So, what are privacy fences made from? They can be made using a variety of materials. Typically, though, they are wood or vinyl. The choice is yours, of course, and it will likely come down to your design tastes. Options like cedar pickets are popular, as is white vinyl. The material that is used will determine how private your fence is, though. Some will create spaces between slats that defeat the purpose of a privacy fence. Vinyl doesn’t come with spacing issues because it doesn’t contract or expand. However, wood does. So, when you construct a wooden fence it will need a small gap (around an eighth of an inch) to allow for contraction and expansion.

The cost of installing a privacy fence varies. It will depend on the materials that you choose and whether you have a professional install it or tackle it yourself. Vinyl is a higher cost material than wood, though. So, that may be something that influences your design decisions.

Before you install a fence, whether you do it yourself or have a professional tackle it, you will need to make a phone call or two. You need to know you have the property lines right. While you don’t necessarily need to let your neighbor know, it’s polite to do so. You should also check with your local inspector to determine whether you will require a permit. Additionally, if you have an HOA, you will need to check the guidelines to ensure you stick to the rules. You may also want to contact utility companies. If your fence posts are going into a hole that’s two feet deep, you may hit power lines.

And make sure you give us a call if we can assist.