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Why Adding A Fence Increases Safety!

When you choose to have a new fence fitted to your property there are many aspects that you need to consider ensuring the fence is the right fit for your home. Choosing a fence solely for aesthetic reasons is often ok to do if you live in a very safe neighborhood, however most people install a fence for the purpose of security. Fence security is not only something that is to keep intruders out, but also to protect your family and pets from getting out.

With a huge variety of fencing options available you can easily achieve a great looking fence without compromising the security element. Here are some helpful tips that will help you decide on a fence based on the security you need to protect your family and valuables.

How High Should Your Fence Be?

There really is no perfect height for a fence, however if you choose a fence height that suits your property the best, it will add the right amount of security as well as add value to your home. You should install a fence that keeps intruders out, without making it look like a prison. Making a fence too low around your property will have no security aspect at all, and often a happy medium is split level fencing around your home. If the front of your property is on a busy road, you might like to keep the fence high to both block out noise and keep passersby out of your business. If you are in a quiet neighborhood you could probably get away with a low fence at the front but add high fences at the rear and side of your property to give some back-yard privacy. Fences that are too high can block out sunlight and make you feel like you are trapped in a cage, so find the happy medium that suits you and your family, as well as your neighborhood.

Fence Materials

The material your fence is constructed from will make an impact on the level of security you achieve. Chain link fences are sturdy and long-lasting; however, anyone can see through a chain link fence, and you get no level of privacy from it. Your fence should not only compliment the aesthetic of your home, but you should consider your neighbor’s home also. Your fence should look great in its surrounding, but never compromise your security for aesthetics.

Materials for fences vary from wood and metals to Vinyl/PVC, stone, brick, concrete and wire. Depending on the level of security you want will help to determine the material you use. If you aren’t sure, contact a professional to help you decide.

Locking Gates

If you need a gate on your fence line to access your property, or certain parts of your yard, lockable gates are an excellent option for adding extra levels of security. Different gates offer different options for locking, and a professional fencing company will be able to assist you with information about the best lock options for your fence and gate.

Pool Fence Security

If you have a pool, you need to ensure your pool is fenced to local codes. The leading cause of drowning in pools is faulty fencing, and it is of vital importance that the correct fence and gates are installed to protect your family, friends and neighbors from drowning.

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