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Top 4 Fence Trends For 2018

Over the years there have been many trends that help to improve the quality and value of your home, and in recent years trends have followed a new course of practicality. Although the newest home renovation trends offer great new products, and follow architectural trends, 2018 has more practical trends than ever before.

Here are just some of the fencing trends for 2018 that will guarantee a practical outlook for many years to come, adding value and aesthetic appeal to your home.

Horizontal Fencing

Horizontal lines have been around since the earth began, and although they have featured in fencing trends on and off through the decades, the trend has become huge in 2018. Horizontal lines in fencing are a modest idea that raises the appearance of your home and the landscape of your property. Horizontal lines are a huge trend in newer homes, for anyone wanting to improve their curb appeal. Picket fences are a thing of the past, and many homeowners are turning to straight-edge horizontal fences. There are many different material options available, and color schemes are infinite. Horizontal lines have been implemented in many aspects of modern architectural design and fences and walls are being matched perfectly in alignment with these elements. Choosing horizontal fencing over traditional designs will offer a unique curb appeal your home never had before.

Wood Alternatives

Vinyl, aluminium, steel, pre-fabricated concrete and composite fencing materials are gaining trend status in 2018 as more people want eco-friendly, low-maintenance fencing for their homes. Wooden fences are losing popularity as they are often prone to termite damage, rot and warping, and in 2018 home owners and builders are opting for the practical long-life alternatives to timber.

Plant Integration

One exciting new trend for 2018 is integration of plants into new and existing fencing. Fences with built in planter boxes are becoming increasingly popular, and this latest trend uses your fence as more of an extension of your garden than a boundary marker. Living fences that utilize your fencing framework to weave vines or flowers are great options for increasing your green space as well creating better privacy and curb appeal. It is important that your living fences are kept trimmed and maintained to ensure the appeal is not lost with overgrown gardens.

Fence Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in the fencing trends of 2018 and with the right lighting options for your yard, you can create a unique and appealing yard, like never before. For some areas soft lighting is the best option, and you can consider cap lights for fence posts and corners. Up lights are a fantastic way to create a unique visual effect in outdoor entertaining areas, offering a focus on lines and shadows. For a bigger effect, vintage or retro style string lights along your fence line or above your pool will create an extravagant result. Adding lights will have an unbelievable effect and add so much value you won’t believe it.

Garden lighting has come a long way when it comes to design and technology, and it is advisable to opt for higher quality products in smaller quantities, rather than lots of cheaper lights.