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5 Reasons You Need A Fence Around Your Property

If you have been trying to decide on whether to install a fence on your property, or not there will have been a lot of questions posed as to why you should invest in fencing. There are many reasons why you should install a fence on or around your property and although each property is different to the next, fencing is a decision that will not only improve security but improve your home’s value. Here are some of the more important reasons for installing a quality fence around your property.

Security and Safety

The most important reason for installing fencing on your property is security. Fencing protects your valuables and more importantly protects you and your family. There isn’t a city or suburb on the planet that doesn’t have crime, and yours is no exception. Taking precautions to avoid being the victim of crime is as simple as installing fencing around your accessible areas. A fence acts as a deterrent for trespassers and intruders and keeps unwanted wild animals off your property as well.

Fences are not just designed to keep people and animals out, but they also keep things in, like children. From a safety perspective, knowing your children are in a yard that is fenced offers solid peace of mind when it comes to their well-being. Fences are also great for keeping pets in a confined, controlled area.


Without fencing it can be hard to know where your property lines are and installing fencing will help to define the correct boundaries between your neighbor’s land and your own. Although you may get along well with your neighbors now, this might not always be the case, and often property lines can play a part in neighborly disputes. Fences are the perfect way to prevent this.


Privacy is also one of the most common reasons for installing a fence on your property. Fences can separate your home from the outside world, and when it comes to privacy, knowing there are no prying eyes of strangers or neighbors watching your family offers freedom from worry. Privacy can be easily reached with the use of high fencing or combining fences with trees and shrubs.


Fences are a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home. There are many options available for fencing that can increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, as well as increasing the value. A skillfully planned fence can not only create a place of security, safety and privacy, but can offer a perfect solution to increasing the visual aspect of your property. Choosing a fence that suits your home is as important as ensuring it features the right aspects of security and privacy. Your fence should be durable and should match your home in color themes and style.


A quality fence with great curb appeal, excellent security and privacy aspects will improve the value of your home, and if you are looking to sell, it can substantially increase the sale price. New home owners look for quality fencing when searching for homes, and as security and privacy are usually high on buyer’s lists your new fence is a great investment that will get return.