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4 Tips For Pet Proofing Your Fence

Many pet owners have fences installed to keep their animals safe and confined, however dogs can be mischievous and can find ways to escape. The most common ways for dogs to escape yards is by digging underneath or finding weaknesses in the fencing to either jump over or climb through, so it is of vital importance that your fencing is high quality to ensure the safety of your pets. There are many things that you can do to make sure your pets are safe in your yard; however, dogs can be curious, which can make things difficult at times. Here are a few ways you can pet proof your yard fencing.

Use a Different Fence Type

Chain-link fences are often installed because they are inexpensive and durable, however they are also the easiest type of fencing for dogs to escape from. Dogs quickly work out that chain link fencing can be climbed, and they will find a way to clamber over the top for a magical escape. Because of the honey comb shape design dogs can get grip to jump up and over the top to freedom.

Solid Is The Best Choice

To ensure dogs are kept in the yard, solid fences are a better solution than chain link fences. Solid fences are usually too slippery or difficult for most dogs to get grip, however if you have existing fences that are chain link style, but cannot afford to replace the entire fence, you can install vinyl panels across any trouble spots, or speak to our fencing specialists to find a solution within your budget.

Solid fences also offer better privacy, which can also work well if your dog barks at cars or people going by. A solid panel fence makes it more difficult to climb over and block its view, reducing the chance of your pet becoming intrigued by what lies on the other side.

Install Digging Deterrents

Dogs that like to dig will try anything to get under a fence, and one of the best solutions is for owners to install cinder blocks, timber or other heavy items at the base of the fence to deter the dog from digging. You can also install them in the ground below the fence to make even deeper deterrents.

Because some dogs are smarter or more cunning than others, these types of deterrents might not work, as your pet may find it easy enough to move the blocks or simply dig under or around them.

One of the best solutions for very determined dogs is to stake chain link fencing wire to the ground at the base of the fence and cover it over with soil and turf. The dog will only be able to dig a small amount before reaching the chain link, and if installed properly, your dog will give up quickly.

Make The Fence Taller

If your pet is a jumper or a climber, adding extra height might be the best deterrent you can find. Adding an extra couple of feet to the top of your fence should be enough to keep even the best high-jumping dog in.