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What Is A Privacy Fence?

If you own a property and have put up with nosey neighbors for just that little bit too long and have decided to invest in a fence for your property, there are many options to choose from. If you don’t mind feeling like you are in a castle with no way to look out or for anyone to look in, a solid brick or concrete wall as high as your gutters might be the thing for you, however most people simply want a fence that will stop people looking in, or getting into your yard, while still having some visibility to the outside world.

Typically fences can be any size from 2 feet tall to wall size and can be built from a range of different products like bricks, concrete, metals, plastics, timber, and glass. Many fences have large gaps so that you can easily see what is happening beyond it. Some people prefer to not be able to see beyond a fence line and prefer privacy.
One of the best fence types to do this is a privacy fence. Privacy fences differ from other fences slightly, and when installed to your property, they can add substantial value and aesthetic appeal to your home.

What Is A Privacy Fence?

A privacy fence is literally just a fence, but a fence that is tall, and covers most areas so that people can’t see in, and you can’t see out. If your property is on a sloped lot, the fence you choose to add privacy to the lower areas of your property will depend on the angles where people can see from the road outside or on the footpath. People often build fences that are at multiple heights across their property to ensure privacy is attained at all levels. Privacy fences are usually higher than head height. They are also mostly solid materials. There would typically be very limited spacing between panels or slats, and no specific way to look over or through them.

What Use Does A Privacy Fence Have?

Privacy fences are perfect for properties that have a pool and wish to keep the area free from wandering eyes. Privacy in a pool will make you, your family and guests feel safer and more comfortable all year round. Privacy fencing also works well if you have large windows or glass areas instead of solid walls. It’s a great way to be able to keep your doors and windows open when using your indoor spaces but without people being able to see in from the street or footpath outside.


The main reason for a privacy fence is of course for security purposes. Whether it is to stop intruders with a large deterrent, or whether it is simply to feel safer in your own home, a privacy fence will add security to your home. They are a great way to keep children safe in a year, and a great way to keep pets in or other animals out.
Before you install your new fence, make sure you speak to your neighbors about your intentions, they might like the idea so much they will be willing to help with the costs.