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Top 4 Fence Trends For 2018

If you are interested in installing a new fence and you want to be on trend, we have some amazing design ideas in store for you. You may look around at your neighbor’s homes and fences, but they’re probably just run of the mill fences. While there is nothing wrong with that, sometimes we underestimate just how much value a fence can add. Also, how much it can elevate the landscape of our homes. There are so many different options available, whether it’s an unusual color scheme or a different material. For you, though, we have narrowed down 2018’s trends to just a top 4.

Ultra Modern

There are plenty of options that fall into the ultra modern category. The good news is that this trend is going nowhere and you can pull it off however you like. For example, for ultra-modern wooden fences, the fence is constructed vertically, instead of horizontally. Not only does the ultra-modern fence provide you with plenty of privacy, it also offers you a chance to lift the aesthetic of the yard. Ultra-modern fences often feature flower boxes, as well as shelves and built-in lights. It isn’t just a fence, it serves a purpose.


Generally speaking, a rustic fence isn’t going to provide you with extra privacy, but it does offer you versatility. If you are trying to create a country home feel or you want a piece of nostalgia, then a rustic fence is perfect for you. A rustic fence provides your home with a traditional feel and it is stunning, too.

Dark Colors

The beauty of this trend is that you can transform any style of fence into a dark color. So, when it comes to privacy, practicality, and versatility it’s up to you to choose the perfect fence style. From there, you can take it into the color of your choice. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a drastic change in the style of their fence but wants to create something special in their yard. You can paint a wooden fence just about any color you like. When it comes to iron or vinyl, then you may find the fence comes in your chosen color.


When it comes to a metal fence, what you get is a practical solution that can offer both privacy and security. However, it might not be as versatile as you are looking for. What it is perfect for, is someone who has a smaller budget and/or is looking for a green option. While a hot trend was metal looking like wood, that’s not what we’re talking about here. What we want you to consider is corrugated metal fencing solutions. Metal is generally created using recycled materials and as no trees are cut down in the process, it’s an environmentally friendly option. You can also incorporate some climbing plants along this style of fence.

What trend suits your style more? Why don’t you get in touch to discuss your options? If none of these interest you, we can talk about the many other options available to you.