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Ways A Fence Can Improve Your Home’s Value

Yes, a buyer can install a fence once they purchase a home and move in. However, most buyers want a home that already has a fence ready to go. So, does that mean a fence can improve your home’s value? It absolutely does! It might be difficult to calculate it in monetary terms, however, there are a number of ways a great fence will improve the value of your home. Here’s how.


It’s all about curb appeal and an attractive fence in your front yard is going to offer a warm welcome to potential buyers. Additionally, in the backyard, a fence will improve the appearance, especially if it’s sparse (or empty). There are so many different styles of fencing available, you can go with something that compliments your home or you can move it in a different direction to create a point of interest.


For parents, having a safe place for their children to play is vital. A great fence offers safety for your family. It means you can rest easy with your kids in the yard, and there’s no need to worry about anyone accessing your yard. Additionally, it prevents kids from wandering away from the yard when they’re playing. More importantly, if you have a pool you need a fence around it for optimum safety.


Along with safety, home security is a big selling point of a fence. Burglars generally look for a weak point in the neighborhood, they want an easy target. So, installing a fence means you avoid becoming that easy target. Not only does it make you a difficult target, it also means that people can’t see into your space. That means they can’t see what kind of material wealth you have in the yard or in the home. You can add more security to your fence with spiked tops and locks, too.


Anyone who owns a pet will understand the importance of a fence. Dog owners want a great spot for their dogs to run around between walks and know that they can’t escape. While cat owners want a space for their cats to explore in safety. While some cats like to go on adventures, not all of them do and for the more skittish felines, a safe spot is vital.


Another key aspect of a fence is the privacy that it offers. You may enjoy your neighbors, but that doesn’t mean you want to feel like you’re in the same space with them every time you step outside your back door. You should be able to enjoy your private space without worrying about who can see you or who could be watching. This means you can enjoy BBQ weather without having to share your burgers with Bob next door. Of course, it also means you won’t disturb your neighbors as much. What’s the point of having a nice yard if you don’t feel comfortable using it?

The material, of course, is all down to you. However, you can use the points above to determine what type of fence might be right for you. If you plan to sell your home in the next few years then you’ll want to think about what buyers are looking for. If you have no plans to move within the next five years, then you are free to explore your own wants. Talk to a professional for guidance.