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What Type Of Fence Adds The Most Property Value?

If you are looking to renovate your home soon and wanted to keep everything matched to the home, you most likely have thought about upgrading your fence. It’s amazing how often people renovate and run out of the budget to add a new fence, or simply can’t be bothered, which can have severe consequences if you are looking to sell your home when the renovations are done. When you have the resale in mind at the end of the job, you probably don’t want to overspend, but when things that you add to the property can make you money back, or add extra aesthetic appeal, (like a great fence) it might be the one thing that tips the potential buyer across the line.

So, what makes a great fence? How do you add financial and aesthetic value to your home without breaking the budget? Here are a few tips on what type of fences are best for adding property value.

Where To Begin

Depending on what type of fence you have now, you need to consider how the home will look after the renovation and match the fence top suit the style. Your fence is the first thing that potential buyers will see, so you want to make it visually appealing from the street. A beautifully renovated home means nothing if all people can see from the road is an old broken fence.

Create The Fence To The Style Of Your Home

When choosing styles, you also need to choose materials that will retain value for years to come. If you live in harsh climate areas, where the fence will have full weather exposure all year round, you need to ensure the fence is made from robust, durable materials. Creating a fence that will withstand the test of time that also looks great is a job that will take some planning. There are many simple ways to do this, however, and it all begins with the basics of your renovation. If you are planning your home with a bright white exterior with beautiful accents, you should make sure the fence is in the same style and color as the rest of the home. Going as far as making the fence from the same material as the home, whether timber, rendered concrete, brick or other materials will be worth your time, money and effort when it comes to adding value.

Can a Fence Add Resale Value?

To put it simply, yes it can. Although your investment on the fence itself might not yield a massive return on the investment itself, the overall value of the property will be higher in most cases based on aesthetics. If you can get around 80% of your investment value back on a resale, it’s still better than 0% of $0 worth of fence. If your current fence needs replacing, and you want to add value to your property, it’s not something that you can lose money on if you choose the right method and materials.

Style Based On Aesthetics And Context

Adding resale value to your property with a fence relies on some very simple things. Make sure it suits your home. Make sure it matches the context of the house, and the other fences surrounding your property. The initial outlay for the fence will also make an impact on how much extra will be added to sale value.