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Ways A Fence Can Improve Your Home’s Value

The addition of fencing to your property serves many purposes. From security and safety to privacy and curb appeal, fences are an investment that features many benefits and earns great return on investment.

Fencing comes in many great options and can be tailored to suit the style and color of your home or can be built in heavy construction to protect your valuables and your family. If you are in a high crime area, your fence could be the difference between being safe and secure and being the victim of crime. Fences not only feature great security against intruders and trespassers, but quality fencing also adds value to your home if you decide to sell.

Here are some of the ways fencing can add to the value of your home.

Fence Position

Having a great looking, high-quality fence can have aesthetic benefits like improving the overall appearance of your home, your yard, your property as well as improving the curb appeal of your entire street. If like a lot of people, your location doesn’t feature great visual appeal behind your home, a tall fence can block out undesirable views and create a much more appealing view from your home.

A cleverly positioned fence can have a big impact on the overall value of a home and potential buyers will appreciate the effort you have gone to in the interest of creating comfortable living aspects. Smart fencing at the front of your home will improve the curb appeal of your home if done right. Matching your fencing to your home’s color and style themes is very important, and if you want to increase value, your fencing needs to look amazing and function very well.

Finance vs. Purpose

Although the investment of fencing might have a great deal of monetary value for you, if it isn’t done well it could have little to no value at all to prospective buyers. If the fence is not suited to your home, or is not practical for the land, new buyers might believe they will need to replace it, creating unwanted expenses. Privacy is a key element of a yard for most people, and a great fence can be an excellent solution. Potential buyers who have children or pets will look for practicality of a fence as a prerequisite when they are looking to buy a home, and if your fence isn’t up to their standards, they may just walk away. The best way to prevent this is to speak to one of our fencing specialists to advise the best value for money, and most practical fencing.


A vital feature that can make the difference when installing a new fence to add value is the materials used to create the fence. Solid fences made of timber, concrete or vinyl will offer substantial value onto your investment because a solid fence appears to have better security. However, if the fence is not well-made or well-placed it could be an unnecessary cost for buyers to replace. Not every fence will increase the value of the home, even if it does provide security. Chain link fences are not very attractive, however practical and affordable they are, and you may lose money from the value of the home if installed. Chain-link fences have their purpose, however increasing curb appeal is not one of them.

Professional Installation

One of the most important things to remember is that if you want to add value with fencing, you should always use a professional. They will help you decide what fence will suit your property and increase value at the same time, as well as installation.