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Benefits and Optimal Uses of a Wood Fence

If you are looking to fence your property, you might have already realized that you have numerous options. So, how do you know the best way to fence your house? Iron, chain link, and vinyl are all incredible but wood fencing is very common among homeowners. The main reasons behind this is that wood can be cut into any size and painted any color, making it easy for property owners to implement it into their décor. This article gives a deep insight into the uses and benefits of a wood fence.

Extra Privacy

Wood fencing provides added privacy to your property. Unlike other materials like iron, steel, and chain link, wooden fences have their slats built close together. Hence, if you care about your yard’s safety, so that you have peace of mind while your children are playing or when entertaining guests, then a wood fence is the best option for you.

Wood Offers More Longevity

As long as wood is treated before used for fencing, it can last for over 40 years, providing you ample time to enjoy it while doing minimal repairs. On the other hand, a vinyl or a chain link fence lasts for half the time (around 20 years). If you use a high quality type of wood that is correctly stained, you can have a fence that lasts for decades with frequent maintenance.

Little Maintenance

As aforementioned, wooden fences are designed to last for a long period and only require little maintenance to stay in the best shape. If your fence is unfinished, it can be protected by applying varnish. On the other hand, loose fasteners can either be replaced or tightened to ensure the fence remains stable. Rust can be removed with a wire brush or sandpaper before being treated. If there are insect infestations, they can be handled using the normal insecticides and repellents used at home.

Increases the Value of Your Property

A wood fence does not only offer added privacy and increased curb appeal, it also increases the value of your house. The reason behind this is that a wooden fence is an accessory that many homebuyers would not mind to have in their house. Thus, wood fencing is something that can set your house apart from the competition when it is time to sell it.

Wood is Affordable

Depending on the type of fence you would like to have, your new fencing project can require a great investment. Prices can go to thousands of dollars if shopping is not done correctly. However, wooden fences can be quite inexpensive, as long as you are ready for some little regular maintenance. Since wood can last for a long time, it is an affordable fencing project.

Wood is Appealing to the Eye

When you think of an adorable home, a beautiful wooden fence always surrounds it. Wooden fences are beautiful and look natural, which makes them blend beautifully with any landscape. Since they come in a variety of styles and colors, your customization options are endless.

Different Style Varieties

Wooden fencing is very popular because it offers homeowners with numerous styles to customize their fence. For instance, homeowners can choose from redwood, cedar, spruce, cypress, and many other types of wood. In addition to this, customers can select the specific style they would like for their fence such as paddock, stockade, spit rail, spaced board, and board on board.

Shelter from the Elements

Installing a wood fence over any other type of fence provides your house with shelter from the elements. The fence acts as a powerful windbreaker, which prevents wind from affecting your family, plants, and property. Depending on how the wood fence is positioned, it can also offer shade when need be.

Environmentally Friendly

Another reason why you should consider working with wooden fences is that wood is a recyclable component. Wood is also biodegradable and a renewable source of energy.

Creating a fence around your house offers you numerous advantages, including creating a much needed privacy barrier to make your home feel safer and more intimate. Thus, when choosing a material to build your fence, you ought to go with something that offers that extra safety, while making your property look good. Wood is a material that provides you with exactly that, as it gives you more customizing options and greater longevity. In addition to this, it is much cheaper than other materials but goes a long way in increasing your property’s value.